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👉 Unique Descriptions Matter: Ensure your tool’s description is unique. Copied descriptions from other websites will push your tool to the bottom of the pile (or even lead to it being discarded), especially if I have to rewrite it.

Make sure to follow this template for the content:

When submitting your AI tool to our directory, clarity and transparency are key to ensuring your submission stands out and meets our criteria for publication. To help us better understand and accurately represent your tool, we ask that you follow this detailed template when filling out your submission form. This structure not only helps in the review process but also ensures potential users can easily grasp the value and functionality of your tool. Here’s a breakdown of the information you should include:

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  • Functionality
  • User Interaction

Use Cases

  • Practical Applications
  • Target Audience


  • Key Features
  • Innovations


  • Advantages


  • Limitations


  • Final Thoughts
  • Call to Action

👉 No AI or Copied Content: Submissions written with AI tools or plagiarized content will be detected and automatically discarded.

👉 Tags and Categories: Use tags and categories naturally that accurately reflects the functionality and industry relevance of your tool. This helps users find your tool more easily based on their specific interests or needs.

By adhering to these guidelines and providing detailed, transparent information about your AI tool, you’ll increase the likelihood of a successful submission. Our goal is to showcase the best and most innovative AI tools to our community, and your contribution is vital to achieving this mission. Thank you for choosing to submit your tool to our directory!

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